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  • What is an Account?

    Separate accounts allow you to structure your meetings into different topics, for example private and business meetings. Additionally, you can assign specific e-mail addresses to an account to simplify the communication.

  • What is a Project?

    Projects are a way to manage different topics of your meetings within your account (e.g. sports club, summer party, family, etc.). If you want to hide all meetings in a project it can be deactivated (but is not deleted).

  • How to invite someone to a meeting?

    After creating a new meeting, you can add your attendees and guests. Click to "Search for attendees" and enter name or e-mail address. If the person is already in your contacts, it will show up directly. Otherwise, you may add the person to your contacts by clicking on "Add contact" and entering the e-mail address.

  • How to change my password?

    You can change your password in your profile settings. Click on the pencil (to the right of the password field) and enter a new one. Then just click "Save" - Done.

  • Where can I find my completed meetings?

    A meeting which is completed is moved to the archive (Menu> Archive). As soon as the associated To Do have been completed, they can also be found linked to the corresponding meeting.

  • Can I hide my user on Rapidoo?

    Yes. In the settings can be determined whether your user can be found in the global address book or not. To do so, simply remove the checkmark in "Profile is public" (Privacy settings) in the profile settings.

  • Where can I find the Projects in a new Account?

    After creating a new Account, there are no Projects automatically added. You can create Projects in two different ways: Either in Settings under "Projects", or directly by creating a new Meeting ("New Project").

  • Where can I find my Notifications?

    All your Notifications are saved and summarized in an overview, after being confirmed on the Dashboard. You will find them in the menu under "Notifications".

  • I receive too many notifications by E-Mail. What can I do?

    The E-Mail notifications sent to you, can be managed in your account settings (e.g. if a status of a to do changes, or a comment has been added to the minutes). Go to settings and then to your account overview.



  • What different types of subscriptions are available?


    The subscription "RapiFREE" is supported by adds, with some functional restrictions.


    With "RapiPRO" you can use the full functionality of Rapidoo and there are no adds placed on the page.


    The subscription "RapiBIZ" is targeting enterprise customers, which are dedicated to increase meeting efficiency in their whole corporation. RapiBIZ can be managed by an operator in the company. As soon as a employee registeres with a company address, the user is being created and can be used.

  • What if a Meeting attendee is not reacting to To Do or Minutes?

    As soon as a Meeting is closed, the host has completed all personally assigned To Do and the Minutes are accepted, you are able to manually push the Meeting into the Archive. The Meeting can be sent to the Archive from the To Do Overview directly.

  • What is the difference between "My To Dos" and "Activities in your Meetings" on the Dashboard?

    You will find all To Dos assigned to you in the section "My To Dos", which have not been completed yet. In "Activites in your Meetings" you see the To Dos assigned to your meeting attendees, which have not been marked as completed. You can remind the attendees with a single click on "Remind".


  • How can I delete my profile?

    You can delete your Profile in the settings menu. After confirming the deletion process, all related data will be remove and cannot be restored.