Rapidoo - How it works


Rapidoo runs on its easy 3-step routine: Set - Meet - Track:

SET   First, create a meeting on Rapidoo, invite your attendees and share the meeting agenda.
MEET   You meet your colleagues and all to dos, decisions and notes can be recorded on Rapidoo.
TRACK   After the meeting you are able to track the progress of all open tasks and the meeting minutes are generated and shared automatically.


Rapidoo will handle all dimensions of your meeting. After having comleted your meeting, all attendees can accept or decline the meeting minutes and furthermore, you can issue follow-up meetings directly on Rapidoo.

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Amanda's Journey


That's Amanda. Follow Amanda on her way to efficient meetings.

In her daily life, Amanda finds herself too often sitting in unprepared, boring and unstructured meetings. That's why Amanda works with Rapidoo and gets her meetings organized!